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General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment

1. 1 Offer, Order

1.1.1 Any deliveries made and performances rendered by ITG Corps are subject to these terms and conditions and terms of payment and the agreement entered into by  ITG Corps and the customer. 

1.1.2 Orders placed by the customer represent binding offers, which  ITG Corps may accept within one week by way of an order confirmation or by way of performing the order. All offers made by  ITG Corps are non-binding, except where they have been expressly specified as binding.

1.1.3 Offer-related documentation such as images, drawings, indications of weight, and dimensions are approximated, except where these have been expressly specified as binding.

1.1.4 ITG Corps reserves all proprietary and intellectual property rights in any cost estimates, drawings, and other documentation; these must not be disclosed to third parties. ITG Corps undertakes not to disclose to third parties any schemes and plans which have been designated as confidential by the customer without the customer’s prior consent.

Where construction-related documentation has been prepared on behalf of or at the request of the customer, it will be invoiced separately. This shall apply even where no order is subsequently placed.

1.1.5 Samples, models, drawings, or data carriers provided by the customer will only be returned upon the request and at the expense of the customer. In cases in which no subsequent order is placed, and no such request for return is made in due course, ITG Corps is entitled to destroy such samples, models, and drawings within one month of making the offer, without being liable for any claims for damages.

1.1.6 ITG Corps apply equally to consumers and businesses, except in relation to clauses in which a distinction is made between these entities.

1.2 Payment Terms

1.2.1 Unless you have been expressly granted a credit account by us, all orders must be paid in full before any order will be processed and goods dispatched. You are more than welcome to pre-pay any amount you wish, and subsequent orders will be subtracted from your balance, to avoid having to pay separately for each order.

1.2.2 The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Bank Transfer – 1-day clearance, dependant on bank
  • Bank Deposit at Bank Branch – Instant

Please take note that unfortunately we have no control over how long transfers may take to process, and we take no responsibility for any delays caused by third-party financial institutions.

1.2.3 In the case of individual deliveries that have been constructed in accordance with customer specifications, advance payments shall be agreed upon individually.

1.3 Shipping

1.3.1 Shipping Charges are determined by the weight and size of your items, the number of packages, and your delivery zip code. The final charge for shipping will appear at the end of your transaction. For a shipping estimate, please contact us.

1.3.2 We can provide shipping insurance for your order to ensure your goods against transit damage. This is entirely optional and costs an additional 2% on top of your order. 

1.3.3 We receive and will prepare orders during our regular business hours (M-S 8:00 am-5:00 pm). The majority of the items displayed on this site will ship within 24 hours.  Customers will be notified if products are back-ordered or shipping will be delayed. All items will be shipped from our international express partners such as DHL, FEDEX, … with preferential cost

1.3.4 Where shipping is delayed at the request of the customer, the customer shall be invoiced, commencing one month subsequent to notification of readiness for shipping, for the costs of storage in the works of  ITG Corps, which amount shall be no less than 1% of the invoice value of each given month. Following the grant and expiry of a reasonable grace period,  ITG Corps is entitled to dispose of the delivery item.


1.4 Delivery Times

1.4.1 The term of delivery commences on confirmation of an order, not however before the customer has delivered all documentation, approvals, and releases and clarified all technical issues, and not prior to receipt of any advance payments due.

1.4.2 Acceptance of Delivery – As mentioned in the Shipping section, all deliveries must be received with the signature of the recipient. It is your responsibility to check the consignment for any signs of damage and completeness before signing the Proof of Delivery (POD) document. 

Only once the consignment has been confirmed as complete and in good condition should you sign this document, as this is your agreement that it has been delivered.

1.4.3 If any items are damaged when they arrive, you may either reject the delivery without signing the POD or you must ensure that the exact damage details are recorded on the POD including such details as carton numbers on packages, time, date, your name, and signature.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the avoidance of any insurance you may have against loss or transit damage. ­

1.4.4 In the case of individual deliveries that have been constructed in accordance with customer specifications, advance payments shall be agreed upon individually. ­

1.5 Warranty

1.5.1 Most products are sold with a 12-month return-to-base or manufacturer warranty. However, some products may have the option to purchase extended warranties. We may be able to provide this information however it is suggested to contact the manufacturer of that specific product to find out if this is the case.

1.6 Liability for Defects of the Delivery/Warranty

1.6.1 If the customer is a consumer, ITG Corps’s liability for defects is in keeping with the respective statutory provisions.

1.6.2 If the customer is a business, the warranty claims of the customer require that the customer has complied with its obligation to inspect the goods and to give notice of defects without delay. Any identified defects must be documented as intelligibly as possible and must be described using all documentation required for this purpose. In the case of an orderly notice of defect, ITG Corps will perform specific performance as follows: In the context of such specific performance, ITG Corps is, at its sole discretion, entitled to rectify the defect or to provide a replacement. Parts that have been replaced become the property of ITG Corps. ITG Corps shall be granted at least two opportunities to perform specific performance. The customer shall grant the time and opportunity required for the implementation of all repairs and replacement deliveries which in the opinion of ITG Corps are necessary, following consultation with ITG Corps; otherwise, ITG Corps shall be released from its liability. In case of urgency arising from imminent danger to industrial safety or for the purposes of preventing unreasonably high damages, or should ITG Corps be in default of specific performance, the customer may be granted the right to rectify the defect himself or to let third parties perform such cure and to invoice ITG Corps with the costs so incurred, provided, however, that ITG Corps has given its prior written consent. If the customer decides to assert a warranty claim, it must immediately return the delivery item to ITG Corps’s store. ITG Corps shall bear the costs of return and of the most economical shipment of the rectified delivery or of the replacement part. If the complaint is justified, ITG Corps shall bear the costs of the replacement part ex works. Where delivery items (PC, laptop, hard disk, and other components) have been installed and dismantling and return to ITG Corps entail an unreasonable effort, it may be agreed that an ITG Corps technician or an authorized sub-contractor shall repair the defect on-site. Other than the costs for the replacement, including the costs for the least expensive shipping, the customer shall bear all other related costs, including any travel costs or costs of assembly.

Any costs of installation and/or dismantling shall not be borne by ITG Corps.

1.6.3 Should ITG Corps fail to render specific performance within the reasonable grace period granted by the customer or should specific performance definitively fail after several attempts, or should ITG Corps refuse such specific performance, the customer shall be entitled to reduce the agreed remuneration and claim reimbursement of any related expenses incurred or to rescind the contract. If the defect in question is insignificant, the customer may merely ask for a reduction of the purchase price.

1.6.4 ITG Corps is not liable for defects which are caused by inappropriate or inexpedient use or by faulty installation or commissioning by the customer or by third parties who have not been instructed or authorized by ITG Corps, or which represent regular wear and tear, or which stem from faulty or negligent treatment, lack of proper maintenance, inappropriate working materials, which does not fall within ITG Corps’s sphere of influence. Where the specific performance rendered by the customer or by a third party proves to be inappropriate, ITG Corps does not assume any liability for the consequences so caused. The same applies where the delivery item has been modified without the prior consent of ITG Corps.

1.7 Cancellation of the Contract

1.7.1 Should the customer unjustly rescind the contract, ITG Corps is entitled, without prejudice to the assertion of greater damages, to claim 10% of the gross contract value for the processing of the order and for any loss of profit incurred. The customer is entitled to furnish evidence to prove that lesser or no damages have been incurred by ITG Corps.

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