Understanding Technology

Wholesale Of Computers

ITG IMPORT EXPORT are dedicated to putting our 5 years of experience in wholesale of computers and accessories

ITGCORPS - Team of Business and Technology Pioneers

Established in 2016, ITGCORPS is a next-generation leading information global technology company in Vietnam. We work to provide our clients with top-quality technology products and first-class services. Our products include PC, notebook, tablet computer, CPU, hard disk, memory accessories, and other digital. ITG Corps comes with the in-depth market knowledge and industry experience of 5 years in the components business and is very well recognized within the industry.


One of our key focuses is always to give the best price and speed of business. So that we have built an international team of business and technology experts who works closely with customers to analyze and understand the imperatives of their needs. We also help customers maximize value without sacrificing quality and want to build strong business connections with them.


We want to bring to every customer not only top quality products but also excellent services for creating better technology by the open-source way


To be a leading information global technology company, we are always seeking to improve our supply chain sources, market intelligence, and global reach.


We believe that honesty is a basic prerequisite for a business. We are open and honest in what we say and do. We always respect our colleagues, customers – partners, and stakeholders.

ITG Corps is committed to being the foundation of service, taking customers as the focus, bringing actual values to customers and partners. We are always enthusiastic, dynamic, friendly, ready to talk, and support you 24/7.

We focus on building a team with the highest expertise, a thorough understanding of the market, and customer tastes. Each product sold by ITG Corps is carefully researched, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, and selected suitable configurations for our consumers.

ITG Corps focuses on training and recruiting a young, passionate, and enthusiastic team to innovate and catch up with market trends.

We are committed to always changing ourselves, applying advanced technology to change buying, and developing many advanced platforms to serve our customers more in the future.


Macs, PCs and All-in-ones. Brand new available for bulk orders.

Mobiles and Tablets

New mobile phones available for bulk orders.


Keyboards, Hard Drives, memory accessories and a lot more available.